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Dr. T. Franklin Walsh, First Principal of the then new Central High School, September 1933

A little History of Central High School 

The newly named Central High School, Providence, Rhode Island was formed in September 1933 from a merger of the former Commercial High School and Technical High School.  The building that is standing today was built in 1921, according to the marquis above the front entrance.  Dr. T. Franklin Walsh was Principal of Commercial High for many years prior to the merger.

From the first year book, January 1934, "For many years the "Tech Review" in Technical High School , and the "Business Spirit" in Commercial High School mirrored the hopes and ambitions, and chronicled the deeds of the two schools that were the immediate predecessors of Central High School"

From the Foreword of the first yearbook written by Dr. Walsh, "No longer are the red and gray of Tech, nor the brown and white of Commercial to be seen.  Instead, vigorous, youthful Central High marches confidently onward to its destiny under its chosen banner of Black and Gold." "The Black of rugged endurance, of unfaltering courage, and the Gold of high character and of deathless moral values must ever distinguish our school - must be, in truth, its spirit and its very soul".

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It would seem that new the Providence Career & Technical Academy (PCTA) and the now Central High School is similar to what Technical High School and Commercial High School were prior to September 1933.  "What goes around comes around".

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Throughout the years there were, without a doubt,  many challenges and changes. At some point from the inception up until 1958 there were two disciplines within the Central High School building, regular academics and  vocational for which a certification was received, not a high school diploma.  Sometime before the graduating class of 1959 the curriculum for the vocational students changed to enhance the academics in order for vocational students to also receive their High School Diploma.

Things changed once again, around 2009 when the new Providence Career & Technical Academy (PCTA)   was established separating out the Vocational mission.


We raised over $800.00 for the General Fund for operating expenses

​   The Mission of Central High School Alumni Association Providence is twofold:  

"First and foremost is the intent to assist Central High School students, faculty, and administration with the needs and activities that cannot be or are not met by the Providence School Department".

"Second and equally important mission is to foster camaraderie, support, and networking among previous and new graduates of Central High School, Providence, Rhode Island, for the betterment of the Rhode Island community".