Grants Awarded

Alumni Grant Program

05/2017 - $300.00 - CHS ELL After School Math Tutoring Program 

06/2017 - $500.00 - CHS Track Team 

10/2017 - $1,770.00 - 2 indoor LED programmable electronic message sign boards 

06/2018 - $749.99 - Yamaha EMx7 12-Input Stereo Powered Mixer with Microphone Cables 

09/2018 - $500.00 - Cheerleading Uniforms

03/2019 - $439.00 - New Urban Arts for field trips during spring break

02/2021 - $210.36 - "Stamped Racism, Antiracism and You" writing contest prizes

Our Alumni Association, in accordance with our Mission Statement, provides limited financial assistance to Central High School administration, departments and/or educators for specific needs and activities which are not met by the Providence School Department.   To be eligible for a CHSAAP Grant, the requester must be a current paid employee of Central High School Providence, be it as an administrator, department head, or educator.

A Separate financial account has been set up by the association for income and expenses pertaining exclusively to the Grant Program.  Individual Grants are limited to a maximum of $1,000.00.  For more extensive projects or equipment, there could be an opportunity for greater funding through CHSAAP sponsored fundraising campaigns or events.  All appeals, small or large must be made by completing a hard copy Request for Grant application available for printing by clicking the button below. 

Grants will not be awarded to any specific individual, will not be awarded for non-specific purpose(s), and awards will not be granted for the cost of food or beverage at events (see chart below).  The Secretary and the Treasurer will review all requests and make their recommendation to the board.  the board will approve or deny by plurality vote at any meeting where there is a quorum.

Eligible ItemsIneligible Items
Special equipment for classrooms or labs

Food and Beverages for Meetings                         

Arts program needsNon-specific items, programs, or training
Computer equipment
Small computer software programs not provided
Filing fees for seminars
Training for educators or students

Sports program needs

Specific merchandise, programs, or projects

Fundraising may be by general appeal to the membership, grant funding yard sales, fashion shows, periodic meet and greets and other similar social events other than the annual Banquet/Gala.

Within 30 days after receiving a grant, recipients will submit a report on the application of the monies providing a brief summary and pictures, if possible.  We also request that recipients publically acknowledge Central High School Alumni Association Providence's (CHSAAP) participation in any manner deemed appropriate.